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Weird Underwater Events

17. 02. 20
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Underwater Cabinet Meeting

In 2009, members of the Maldives' Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.President Mohammed Nasheed and 13 other government officials submerged and took their seats at a table on the sea floor — 20 feet below the surface of a lagoon off Girifushi, an island usually used for military training.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving

It might sound like a weird event, but underwater pumpkin carving is pretty common in the US, with several competitions being organized in Florida, South Carolina, Lake Tahoe or Pennsylvania. Contestants put on their diving gear and drop down to a depth of less than 30 feet, where they try to carve the most intricate jack-o'lanters, and claim the top spots. All the gear is supplied by the organizers, so contestants need only to bring their talent and inspiration. While it may sound like a fun thing to do, carving a pumpkin underwater is a pretty difficult task, considering the buoyancy of the pumpkin (at least until you cut the lid off) and Newton's third law of motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

Underwater Card Gaming

These scuba divers are claiming a new world record after playing the same card game underwater for 36 hours. The 16 divers – who worked in shifts so they could change oxygen tanks – sat on the bottom of a pool in Geiselhoering, Germany, playing a favourite local game called ‘sheepshead'. Organiser Eric Schlegelmilch said: ‘We gave up counting who owed what after an hour. We didn't want anyone going belly up.' Now the group plan to contact Guinness World Records officials with a video record of their stunt.

Underwater Sword Swallowing

On Friday, May 18, 2007, sword swallower Dan Meyer made history by being the first person in America to swallow a solid steel sword while submerged underwater in a tank of live sharks and stingrays at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not, the underwater event was designed to promote Ripley's Aquarium's "Pirates, Predators of the Sea" exhibit.
To stretch the boundaries of the art, Meyer swallowed a 30-inch long solid steel sword while submerged 15 feet underwater surrounded by more than 80 sharks and stingrays in 85,000 gallons of salt water.

Underwater Dancing

Seventy-four scuba divers dance to set the world record for an underwater dance class at Sydney's Olympic Park Aquatic Centre October 27, 2006. The divers were required to dance simultaneously for ten minutes to set the record, with the event also raising money for charity.

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